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Used Stellaris Phacoemulsification

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Product Brochure
Vitreous Cutter thickness20G
Pump TypeVenturi
Vitrectomy cutting frequencyAUTOMATIC
Model Number2014
Brandbausch and lomb
Model Name/NumberStellaris PC
I Deal InUsed

The Stellaris PC platform provides a high-performance, feature-rich, combined experience that leverages Bausch + Lomb’s legacy of vitreoretinal surgical innovation with the demonstrated excellence of the Stellaris phacoemulsification platform. The Stellaris PC allows surgeons to have true “procedural choice” by providing the most advanced technology for both vitreoretinal and cataract surgery in a single system.

It is a versatile system that allows surgeons the flexibility to perform different ophthalmic procedures while saving time, space and money for the surgeons and the patients they serve.

Benefits to surgeons and their patients:
  • It is the only vitreoretinal surgical system that comes with a dual light source and surgeon-selected color filters that allow for differentiated viewing designed to enhance the surgeon’s ability to see ocular tissue better under various surgical conditions.

  • It allows surgeons a platform for the smallest incisions for both retinal and cataract surgeries. It is capable of 1.8 mm MICS phacoemulsification as well as a complement with Bausch + Lomb's existing proprietary 25-gauge system of instruments for retinal surgery, along with standard 23- and 20-gauge instruments.

  • It has light-weight, ultrahigh-speed vitrectomy probes for conventional and transconjunctival vitrectomy (TSV).

Stellaris Meets the Needs of Surgeons

Dr. Carl Awh, a long-time advisor to Bausch + Lomb and a private-practice physician with Tennessee Retina in Nashville, said, “The Stellaris PC meets the needs of today’s vitreoretinal and cataract surgeons. It allows us to perform the most advanced techniques with an intuitive, more compact system and is ideally equipped for both the ambulatory surgery center and the hospital operating room.” 

Advanced - Technology that makes a difference


Efficient vitrectomy
  • 5000cpm designed to reduce traction and turbulence
  • Port located close to cutter tip for controlled tissue removal
Stable Fluidics
  • Optimised duty cycle for built-in flow efficiency
  • Auto infusion allows surgeon to toggle on/off the BSS
Optimised visualisation
  • Dual independent lamps (Xenon and Xenon Mercury)
  • 3 surgeon controlled filters for increased safety and differentiated viewing
New ESA Technology
  • New ESA Technology Enhanced blade design for easier insertion
  • Exceptional cannula retention in the eye Sclerotomy design makes tighter wounds
Dual-linear technology
  • Simultaneous parameter access allows better surgeon control
  • Adds useful functionality requiring less mode changes
  • Wireless footpedal eliminates cord clutter

Versatile - Procedural choice with TSV and MICS

Procedure Choice
  • Select vitrectomy, phaco or combined procedures
  • Full flexibility with 20, 23 and 25 gauge packs
Phaco that is safe and efficient
  • Easy transition to MICS 1.8mm technology
  • Attune Energy Management System self-adjusts to maintain smooth performance
  • Exceptional safety with StableChamber fluidics

Different - Simplicity and surgeon control

Simple, logical human factors
  • Pre-assembled packs with one-step, 43 second priming
  • One pack, one interface reduces steps in theatre
  • Simple transition from phaco to vitrectomy increases efficiency
Designed to fit your needs
  • Sleek footprint maximises space in theatre
  • Tru-Link offers rapid communication with technical assistance

Used Ophthalmic Phacoemulsifier, Galaxy Pro Orbit

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Product Brochure
Pump TypePeristaltic
Model NumberGalaxy Pro Orbit
Maximum Vacuum (in mmHg)5 - 650mmHg (Linear/Non Linear)
Video OverlayVideo overlay facility available in all modes
Vitrectomy Cutter TypeGuillotine, Single, 60-3000cuts/min, 20G, 23G & 25G compatible
WeightConsole Weight: 9.5 KG
Power Rating150 VA (max)
Foot SwitchMulti-Functional foot switch with user programmable foot pedal angles & side buttons.
Main Power110-230V AC
User10 Users
User Programmable ModeU/S 1, U/S 2, U/S 3, I/A 1, I/A 2, I/A 3, CAPVAC, DIA & VIT
U/S power1 -100%
U/S modesContinuous/Pulse/Micro pulse/Burst mode/ Mburst / Occlusion pulse/Occlusion Micro pulse
Hand PieceLight weight, Longitudinal & Transverse, 6 Crystals
Diathermy PowerBipolar, 1.2W for 200(Ohms) 500KHZ, 8.5W for 350 (Ohms) 386KHZ
Irrigation Fluid DeliveryGravity fed / Continuous / Foot operated
Aspiration Flow Rate1 - 50 CC/min (Linear/Non Linear)
Aspiration Rise Time1, 2 & 3
Diathermy Control5 - 100% (Linear/Non Linear) in all surgical modes
User InterfaceClear 10.4'' LCD display with soft touch interface
Instrument TrolleyCompact machine trolley with instrument tray
Irrigation I/V poleManual / Motorized
Vitrectomy Mode(Linear/Non Linear)
Dimension420mm (L) X 440mm (B) X 190mm (H)

In this advanced Phacoemulsification era, Galaxy PRO ORBIT is equipped with state of the art features which cater the need to handle any grade of Cataracts with utmost safety and efficiency standards.

Used Optikon Phacoemulsification System, Pulser Minimal Stress

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Product Brochure
Pump TypePeristaltic
ApprovalEuropean directive 93/42/EEC
Model Name/NumberPulser Minimal Stress
Maximum Vacuum (in mmHg)programmable from 5 to 500mmHg (step 5mmHg)
Cautery Typepneumatic guillotine cutter
Rise Time25 levels,programmable from 2 to 50cc/min (step 2cc/min)
Maximum Strokeup to 100um,with Minimal Stress control
Irrigation Controlfootpedal and arrow keys on frontal panel
Aspiration Controlpanel or linear vacuum and flow control by the footpedal
Power Consumption90VA (Standard),150VA (Peak)
Aspiration PumpsPeristaltic with single-use or reusable tubing
Probeforceps and pencil eraser surface probes,endo-ocular pencil probes
Input Voltage100/120/220/230-240V (A.C.) selected
Operating Frequency40KHz
Diathermy Typebipolar diathermy,7W @450ohm
Footpedalsingle linear,single linear left,double linear,double liniear left,MMP,single IVP
Cutting Rate Rangesingle or repetitive cut from 0.2mm up to 0.7mm single use guillotine cutte
Programs10 user programs
Operating Modescontinuous,pulsed from 1 to 40 Hz,single burst,multiple Burst,continuous burst
Safety SystemACS3 (Anterior Chamber Surge Suppression System)
Flow Rate Rangeprogrammable from 2 to 50cc/min (step 2cc/min)
Irrigating Pressureregulated by the height of the electric I.V. pole
Tip and Sleevesfor Coaxial Phaco,Co-MICS,MICS (incision size range from 1.0mm up to 3.2mm)
Vitrectomy Controlpanel or linear cut rate control by footpedal

Pulsar is a compact platform for anterior segment surgery that implements the patented Minimal Stress technology: the system capable of controlling the power delivered to the handpiece in order to maintain the exact tip stroke set.
Minimal Stress technology guarantees the safest cataract extraction, optimizing energy at the lowest efficient level.

Its Fluidics is based on an high performance peristaltic pump that ensures maximum chamber stability for an optimal patient safety.

Pulsar is equipped with a Dual Linear Pedal, designed for complete control, flexibility and comfort, offering a wide range of customization.

Pulsar offers a wide range of reusable and disposable accessories such as reusable and disposable I/A tubing set, reusable and disposable phaco tips for incision from 3.2 to 1.8 mm and four crystal titanium phaco handpiece.

Used Alcon LAUREATE World Phaco System

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₹ 6.50 Lakh /Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Maximum Vacuum (in mmHg)0 to 650 mmHg (0 to 86 kPa)
Model Name/NumberLaureate
WeightUnpacked: 17.3 kg (38 pounds), Packed: 27.3 kg ( 60 pounds)
AspirationUp to 60 cc per minute (mL/minute)
Phacoemulsification ModePulse, Continuous, Burst
Tip Stroke88.9 +- 27.0 um (.0035 +- .0005 in)
Resonant Frequency38.0 +- 1.9 kHz
Pulse Rate Range0-100 pulse/second (depending on % Time On)
Power IV Pole on Mobile CartHeight Range: 30 to 102 cm
Maximum Input Current6 A
Anterior Vitrectomy ModeCut I/A, I/A Cut
Relative HumidityOperating: 10% to 95% Non-operating : 10% to 95%
Temperature:Operating: 10 Degree C to 35 Degree C (50 Degree F to 95 Degree F), Non-operating : 40 Degree C to 60 Degree C (-40 Degree F to 140 Degree F)
Data CardMMC (MultiMedia Card), or SD (Secure Digital) 32 Mb min
Burst Length5 to 500 ms
U/S PowerU/S power is defined as being proportional to ultrasound displacement of the phaco tip
Power Supply100 - 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz 220 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Remote ControlMethod: Infrared, Channels: 4 ,Batteries: AAA (3)
AltitudeOperating: 3,048 meters (10,000 feet), Non-operating : 12,191 meters (40,000 feet)
Anterior Vitrectomy Cut Rate10 to 1500 cuts/minute
Protection Against Electric ShockClass I

Introducing the LAUREATE® World Phaco System. A higher level of traditional ultrasound is now within your reach.
At Alcon, customer satisfaction isn’t just a promise. It’s our mission. That’s why we’re committed to meeting your needs around the clock, around the world. Our commitment begins by providing you with world-class surgical products that lead the way in innovation and technology.

When you choose LAUREATE® from Alcon, you’re investing in quality and reliability that will stand the test of time. The new LAUREATE® offers you the practicality of a table-top design with all critical functions seamlessly integrated into one easy-to-use console. LAUREATE® is simple to operate yet affords you unmatched versatility and control. 

High-performance technology
 Advanced traditional ultrasoundperformance
    – INFINITI® Vision System U/S handpiece
    – NeoSoniX® handpiece
• State-of-the-art fluidics
• Non-invasive optical vacuumpressure sensor

Ease of use

  • Ergonomically designed console
  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Compact and transportable
Optimized outcomes
  • Designed to minimize surgical complications*
  • Micro-Coaxial capabilities

Used ZEISS VISALIS Phaco and Vitrectomy Systems, Visalis 100

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Product Brochure
Pump TypePeristaltic
Maximum Vacuum (in mmHg)5 to 500 mmHg vacuum range
Model Name/Numbervisalis 100
Frequency4 Piezoelectric crystals handpiece with frequency approx. 40 kHz
Weight12.5 kg
Aspiration ModeSurgery mode with fixed or linear control from 0 to preset of the flow and / or vacuum level via Dou
Diathermy ModeLinear control with Double Linear Footswitch II
DimensionHeight: 205 mm, width: 400 mm, depth: 405 mm
Phacoemulsification ModeU/S mode with Continuous, Pulse, Burst and with fixed or linear control from 0 to preset
Vitrectomy Cutting Rate60 to 700 cuts per minute
Aspiration Flow Rate2 to 50 cc / min
U/S TimerTimer EPT from 00:00:0 minutes to 59:59:9 minutes
Gravity Fed fluid DeliveryIrrigation : eye pressure determined by height of irrigation source Solenoid valving element
I Deal InUsed
Diathermy Adjustable Power9 W @ 200 , 5 to 100%
Hand Pieces Typepneumatically powered guillotine cutter

VISALIS® 500 from ZEISS phaco and vitrectomy systems incorporate a series of functions designed to optimize your workflow efficiency and provide reliable support throughout the day.

The ZEISS Visalis 100 is tailored to meet the economic needs of your practice and provide reliable phaco in your OR.

ZEISS Visalis 100

he capturing followability1 of the ZEISS Visalis 100 attracts and continuously engages nucleus fragments on the phaco tip. Unique in its class, it enables a 1.8 mm incision, which can potentially reduce surgically induced astigmatism and accelerate wound healing.

Adaptive Power Control measures and stabilizes the tip stroke, resulting in potentially less stress for your patient's eye. The wide variety of reusable accessories ensures that the ZEISS Visalis 100 is tailored to meet the economic needs and cost-effectiveness of your practice.

Optimized phaco efficiency

APM® (Advanced Power Modulation) is an automated pulse shaping modulation technology that combines burst and pulse ultrasound energy into one modulation pattern. It provides the efficiency of the burst to impale the nucleus and the speed of pulse to remove the quadrant.

Overall, APM lowers the measured effective phaco time (EPT) by as much as 73%, accelerates cataract removal and improves anterior chamber stability by 32%.1

Hot swap flexibility

One cassette for both pumps and for combined anterior and posterior surgery. Swap intraoperatively between the peristaltic and venturi pump, as needed.

Designed for posterior surgery, hot swap capability facilitates the low flow or high cut-rate techniques while working close to the retina. The aspiration and cutting rate can be controlled independently with the footswitch.

Modular phaco and vitrectomy system


In addition to premium cataract technologies, ZEISS VISALIS V500 features leading posterior vitrectomy functions – eliminating the need for external modules and saving space.

The ZEISS VISALIS S500 can be upgraded to a ZEISS VISALIS V500 at any time, on site. You can expand into vitreoretinal procedures whenever you want.

Experience unique features for your patients…
Capturing followability*
Its capturing followability attracts and continuously engagesnucleus fragments on the phaco tip.
Balanced stroke – Adaptive Power Control
Microprocessor controls, measures and stabilizes the tip strokeintraoperatively, resulting in potentially less stress for yourpatient’s eye.
Surge Security System
Intended to maintain chamber stability at occlusion breakthereby minimizing risk of surge.
Minimize energy – new pulse modes
New pulse modes allow you adjust the on time according toyour needs and thereby minimize the energy applied to thepatient’s eye.
Minimal induced astigmatism – CO-MICS capabilities
Unique in its class, the ZEISS Visalis 100 enables a 1.8 mmincision. As described in the literature, MICS reducessurgically induced astigmatism, increases patient comfortand accelerates wound healing.
Unique pneumatic guillotine cutter
The ZEISS Visalis 100 is the only system in its class with apneumatic guillotine cutter that includes an integrated quietcompressor – a unique feature sharply focused on yourpatient’s eye.

Refurbished Oertli Swiss Tech Phaco Machine

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Product Brochure
Vitreous Cutter thickness20G
Pump TypeVenturi
Model Number2014
Maximum Vacuum (in mmHg)500
Cautery TypeL TYPE
Cautery Maximum Power500

Minimum order quantity: 01 EACH

Intelligence made in Switzerland Progress is the path from the primitive to the simple, via the complicated Wernher von Braun, Is there more elegant proof than CataRhex SwissTech?

3 3 More intelligent technology Never before has so much intelligence, technology and capability been concentrated into such a small space. Direct processor control instead of a fickle PC operating system. Intelligent physical concepts instead of expensive sensor technology. Reliable control elements instead of a complicated touch screen. Varying intensities of ultrasound for every degree of hardness instead of unorthodox emulsification methods. More intelligent design Rolling 107 kg of weight (Alcon Infiniti) into the operating theatre to remove 200 mg of lens material? CataRhex SwissTech is portable, only weighs 5.6 kg and attaches to every infusion stand. DirectAccess responds to button actuation without the need for a multi-level user menu. The stability of the I/A system does away with the need to change the bottle height. A tubing set replaces the cassette. Upgradeable to a posterior segment system. More intelligent solution CataRhex SwissTech will fit into the smallest operating theatre. Its simple operation hardly requires any training. It requires less assistance thanks to a multifunction pedal. The sensational pump system speeds up operating times. Purchase and maintenance is less costly. Its portability enables it to be used at different operating venues. The pressure sensor incorporated in the tubing set ensures total sterility.

Used AMO Sovereign Compact Phaco Machine with Handpieces, Remote and Footswitch

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₹ 4.75 Lakh /Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Vitreous Cutter thickness20G
Pump TypeVenturi
Vitrectomy cutting frequencyAUTOMATIC
Model NumberSovereign Compact

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Used AMO Sovereign Compact Phaco Machine with Handpieces, Remote and Footswitch

AMO Sovereign Compact Phaco unit! This item was under service contract and just recently removed from a private clinic. Condition is excellent and the unit passes all self tests and operates to specifications. Surgical Cart also available.

Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. (AMO) Introduced the Sovereign Compact with Variable Whitestar v.4.0— a smaller, user-friendly version of the previous Sovereign phacoemulsification system. The Sovereign Compact’s updated Whitestar v.4.0 software lets surgeons choose different Custom Cold Phaco duty cycles (microburst/microrest patterns). Advanced fluidics ensures the chamber’s stability during phacoemusification.  Sovereign Compact delivers minimal ultrasound energy to the eye, which reduces the risk of thermal damage and improves the outcome of cataract surgery.

  • Upgraded Whitestar software offers linear control of up to four variable duty cycles within foot pedal position
  • 3 Variable Whitestar allows users to titrate ultrasound energy and adapt to lens density
  • Surgeons can change modes and adjust the height of the IV pole with the foot pedal

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    ₹ 11 Lakh /Unit Get Latest Price

    Product Brochure
    Pump TypeVenturi
    Vitrectomy cutting frequencyAUTOMATIC
    Model Number2014
    Vacuum Level500 mmhg
    Power5 W
    Voltage100 - 240V
    Frequency50 Hz

    Phacoemulsification is a modern cataract surgery in which the eye's internal lens is emulsified with an ultrasonic handpiece and aspirated from the eye. Aspirated fluids are replaced with irrigation of balanced salt solution to maintain the anterior chambe

    Used Oertli Phacomulsification Machine

    ₹ 6.50 Lakh /Piece Get Latest Price

    Product Brochure
    Pump TypePeristaltic
    Model Numbercatarhex 3
    Maximum Vacuum (in mmHg)0-600 mmhg
    Linear30-1200 cuts/min
    Direct Function1.6,2.2 & 2.8 mm
    Frequency0/60 Hz
    Voltage100-240 V
    Power5 W

    Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece


    The Oertli surgical platform CataRhex 3 impressively demonstrates that great platforms can sometimes be very small. With hitherto unachieved compactness and a lightweight of five kilogrammes, the CataRhex 3 device is consistently geared to mobility and portability – without making any compromises on performance. easyPhaco technology ensures safe and efficient emulsification. Thanks to the HF capsulotomy tip, capsulorhexis has become incredibly easy. In the I/A mode, CortexMode ensures even greater safety. A compressor has been integrated for anterior vitrectomy, and in glaucoma surgery, the HFDS application ensures excellent long-term results.

    Fluidics – perfectly used


    That it is for good reason Oertli is considered the innovative leader in eye surgery when it comes to making best use of fluidics and physics, is proved by the CataRhex 3 as well. The fluidics concept works with physical laws in a consistent way and makes additional software manipulations unnecessary. Nor is the CataRhex 3 device dependable on complicated electronics and sensor systems. Thanks to the perfect flow control of the peristaltic principle, the CataRhex 3 develops incredible precision and tremendous power, with easyPhaco in phaco emulsification, and in I/A and anterior vitrectomy. The flow can be controlled at steps of 0,1ml. With the innovative CortexMode, the I/A vacuum can be built up instantly, and the flow can nevertheless be precisely limited. The vacuum sensor integrated into the tubing system ensures reliable monitoring

    The multifunctional pedal


    The strong multifunctional pedal of the CataRhex 3 enables reliable and precise steering and control of the system by making simple foot movements. The pedal is waterproof, requires very little space, and only weighs 2.6 kg. It can easily be moved aside with the foot and ensures fatigue-free operation.

    Precise flow control


    The flow control of the peristaltic pump of the CataRhex 3 allows for perfect control and absolute precision. Vacuum build-up happens in an incredibly short time. In their finest form, flow and vacuum then become a dynamic tool allowing for incredibly fast and precise surgery in the anterior segment.

    Simple and safe operation


    Especially in unusual situations or under pressure of time, it is essential that eye surgery can be performed simply and efficiently. That is why the surgical platform CataRhex 3 has been consistently geared to user-friendliness and does without complicated menu navigation. Entries and commands can be easily performed via pleasantly tangible keys. Each of the clearly arranged operating buttons always has the same function, which can be activated instantly by key pressure. This makes sure that – when it has to go quickly – it actually goes quickly.


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